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Making Sense of the Assessment Nonsense: A Practical Checklist for Making Smart Assessment Decisions

Employers increasingly rely on assessments to acquire, develop and promote the best talent. With this trend has come significant confusion about how to choose assessments and how to best use them to obtain a competitive advantage. This white paper explains the different types of assessments and their purposes, while answering six key questions that must be considered when evaluating pre-hire and developmental assessments.

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Harrison Assessments™ Differentiation – The Challenges and Potentials of Effective Employee Assessment:

Superior employee performance and productivity depends on hiring the right employees at the outset. This position paper from Impact Achievement Group discusses how companies can measures levels of both the candidates’ eligibility and suitability using tools like the Harrison Assessment at the point of hire. Dr. Dan Harrison, author of the paper, demonstrates how the Harrison Assessments provides organizations the most critical information for talent management.

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Performance Review Skills

New managers must handle an important new area of responsibility — conducting performance reviews. Training is critical to help them provide fair and meaningful employee appraisals, according to Impact Achievement Group. Providing great reviews, whether informal or formal, is a challenge for most managers. Those new to management can excel by recognizing three critical areas to a great employee performance review: clear expectations; well-defined standards, and clearly defined performance measures. This article teaches new managers important theories and tactics to conduct quality performance reviews.

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Asking the Right Questions: How to Get ROI on Customer Surveys

Measuring customer behaviors – going beyond typical customer satisfaction surveys – is critical for companies to have an accurate view into customer loyalty. And companies that measure only buying behaviors are missing critical information that ultimately can affect their bottom line, according to Impact Achievement Group. In this white paper, "Asking the Right Questions: How to Get ROI on Customer Surveys”, Impact Achievement Group's Rick Tate and Julie White Ph.D. explore how companies can use customer surveys to improve the bottom line.

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The Hypocrisy of Employee Surveys: A Closer Look at the True Impact

Employee satisfaction, attitude and engagement surveys are intended to produce useable data that improves employee work-life experience and impact business results. But when a huge disparity exists between how senior-level personnel and everyone else views the value and usefulness of these surveys, disenfranchisement and disengagement loom on the horizon. The latest research article from Impact Achievement Group, “The Hypocrisy of Employee Surveys: A Closer Look at the True Impact,” provides recommendations for improving employee surveys.

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