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Assessment, Selection and Succession Planning

Assessment, Selection and Succession Planning

Impact Achievement Group offers organizations the unique opportunity to assess how well managers create an engaging work environment, effectively set expectations, hold employees accountable, and conduct effective workplace discussions. By combining the power of the Leadership Impact Survey™ and the Harrison Assessment™, we can determine the "what" and the "why" of how well performance is being managed in your organization.

Performance Diagnostics Featuring the Harrison Assessment System™

Smart employers know that too often employees are hired based on eligibility, but leave based on suitability. The relationships and interdependencies between your selection, hiring, coaching and succession planning programs are the critical factors in improving productivity, reducing attrition and succeeding with succession planning.

The Harrison Assessment System™

Utilizing our powerful diagnostic tool, the Harrison Assessment System™ and Paradox Technology,™ we reduce attrition through improved selection and hiring processes, laser-focused coaching, and prescriptive learning - right down to the individual level. Impact Achievement Group has taken diagnostics to an entire new level; incorporating individual assessment results into our workshops.

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Assessing Competence. How Do You Know?

Today, the competitive advantage will go to those companies that attract good people, develop their talent, and retain their sustained high levels of performance. This cannot be accomplished without a gauge of the characteristics in the workplace that correlate with this objective. The Leadership Impact Survey™ is designed to efficiently survey two critical organizational performance areas:

  • Assessment by manager’s/supervisor’s direct reports regarding how appropriately and effectively they are managed on a daily basis.
  • Assessment of the current working environment of the organization from the employee’s perspective

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Case Studies

Learn how various companies in a wide variety of industries (Accounting, Airlines, Administrative, Building, Communications, Employment Agencies, Insurance, Legal, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Software, and Supply Companies) leveraged Harrison Assessments to predict success and improve employee performance.